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                                                   One of the major transactions and investments that one will undergo is the purchase of a home.  Because the transfer of property in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is complicated, there are many serious problems that might pop up when buying or selling a home.

Some of the problems that may arise:

  • Deed or zoning restrictions preventing you from using the property as you would like.
  • Title of the property may be burdened with mortgages, easements or other liens.
  • Property may have serious physical defects like structural problems, wiring, etc.
  • Missing heirs, forgers, invalid divorces, foreclosures that leave legal ownership questionable.
  • Description or survey of property may be inadequate or incorrect.  Acquiring less property than you think.
  • Important details may not have been included in the Purchase and Sale Agreement ("P&S").  Even if agreed verbally, if left out of the P&S, it's unenforceable.